The air that living creatures are breathing contains different contaminants from air borne particles to water vapor. When you have air compressors, it is important that you understand that they are capable of concentrating these contaminants during the compression process. And as your air compressors grow older, they will even add more contamination to the air by some oil carryover mechanism.  Check Sullair Air Compressors for more info.

Simply put, with the compression process, you can expect that these airborne particles and water vapor will worsen contaminating the air that you breathe using your own air compressors. Once you think that the air that you are breathing is both humid and dusty, then more so on the part of your air compressors. The mere presence of this water vapor will have some serious damaging effects on your air compressors. It is important that you have a clear understanding about what these air compressors do. The main reason to you have these air compressors is for your air accessories and tools to be kept in good shape. 

These compressors that you have helps in powering your air tools for their use and purpose. And yet, your air tools could go into a lot of trouble if the compressors will be pumping out dirty air to them. If you have a favorite impact wrench, it will no longer have the same power as it once had because of this. Your air tools will not be able to function as they did before if the air that is being pumped into them are both dirty and wet or you can check it out!

For this kind of problem to be avoided among most air compressors, these machines now come with features that can help battle this particular problem. To remove any excess moisture, there are water separators that must be used as well as aftercoolers. When it comes to such applications, this might be something that you will just require. However, getting quality air compressor filters can be the best thing that you can do if you must be using some tools that need cleaner air to be used as well as those that must be used in harsher conditions. Watch this video about air compressors: 

Today, you can choose from a wide range of air compressor filters in the market. The things that you can expect from your air compressor filters will have to depend on who is making them. There are some filters that have some differential pressure indicators in them. This is helpful so that the operator will know how much their filters can perform. The use of oleophobic filter media also helps get rid of water and oil. This aids in reducing any pressure drops as well as in keeping down the operating costs. You can have increase in pressure drop since using regular filter media will be soaking up this water and oil. You should avoid this kind of media at all cost as this will just increase your costs while lowering down the function of your air compressor filters.

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